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School buildings are precious – not because of their expensive infrastructure but because of the tender souls which frolic inside. With great hope and faith, the parents entrust their child to the school. It is therefore, school’s first duty to provide a safe environment to one and all. Keeping all internal and external threats and hazards in mind, the school observes the following safety measures –

  • Students of Kinder Garten are escorted to their classrooms from their buses by their teachers and helpers.
  • The entire school and school buses are equipped with HD CCTV cameras.
  • All buses have a GPS tracking system & a female staff member.
  • The school has a state-of-the-art fire-fighting system.
  • It is mandatory for everyone to wear their ID card inside the school.
  • The entire OAK BUDS team is verified by the police.
  • Regular Security Awareness workshops are conducted for staff & students.