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From Director's Desk

From The Desk Of Director

A sincere attempt has been made within the limited scope of a few pages of this website to furnish you with as much information as possible, concerning the academic entity, to enable you to take one of your most crucial decisions, the 'where', 'what' and 'how' of the academic career of your child, the impact of which would be nothing less than the destiny of an unknown future.

Oak Buds, in its pursuit of a holistic education, envisages inspiring and fostering a community of caring, progressive, lifelong learners to embrace and celebrate all Creations


Academics Success at Oak Buds is:

acquisition of academic skills training to apply knowledge to real-life situations

Social Success at Oak Buds is:

development of a strong identity and self-worth; ability to relate, connect and communicate effectively with others cultural sensitivity and acceptance valuing justice and fairness in social living

Personal Success at Oak Buds is:

being a lifelong learner equipped with a keen spirit of inquiry developing a value-based and ethical outlook on life imbibing cognitive and behavioural skills to take on the world

Empowered Learners at Oak Buds:

take responsibility and are accountable for one’s learning value and enjoy the process of learning as much as the outcome develop initiative and leadership skills

Oak Buds endeavours to prepare each student for academic social and personal success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners striving to be globally-minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and trust.

Ms. Shelja Saraswat (Director)